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As Bilissel Akademi, we offer consultancy to many international students who are planning to study in Turkey. It will be in your favor to have an experienced company beside you during the application procedures. Regardless of their nationality or residence, every international student should take the YÖS Exam.

YÖS Exam is International Students Examination for Higher Education in Turkey and it may have quite complex application procedures for those who are not accustomed to bureaucratic procedures in Turkey. Thanks to our experienced lecturers and organizers, we can carry out the process on behalf of you and inform you at every step.

Top Quality Consultancy Services to Study in Turkey

In addition to the applications, we also can provide you consultancy for the processes after the examination such as choosing the right department for yourself. Bilissel Akademi, also offers services such as enrollment for universities and other bureaucratic procedures such as residence permit in Turkey. If you want, we can also help you to learn Turkish and help you with preparation for many exams you may need to take while you are studying in Turkey.

We have been offering services and helping local and international students to get prepared for all kinds of exams, including YÖS, in Turkey since 2011. If you are not sure about the procedures or prefer a well-established and experienced company beside you, then Bilissel Akademi is the solution that you need. Every semester we assist and provide consultancy to hundreds of international students and let them enroll in the departments and universities they want. We offer our services all around Turkey and let our students be well-aware of the processes. We can guide you in this complex application process and make sure that you will not have any missing paperwork that may affect your application or enrollment.

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When the Sat Course will be arranged?

Many students have special dream and goal for their personal life. The big and important aims are mainly focused on education wishes. Especially for foreign and qualified education will add you multiple features. Foreign language acquisition and bachelor’s degree. All are sound nice. But Sat exam need to be overcome. To do it, Sat course will help you.  

Especially for USA universities, Sat exam results are questioned to students. The attendant firstly have sufficient ability for English language. Main part of the exam evaluates student’s language skills. Another important point, general knowledge about general culture and science. To overcome and recognize all necessities, Sat course Ankara always accompany to you.   

How to Start Sat Course in Ankara?

If you are in Ankara and your main desire is to go abroad for quality education, Ankara Sat course will be your right addresses. Your requirement for course is below;

  • Research and decision to proper course of Sat,
  • Meeting and telling your story and desires to official assignor,
  • Your level is detected and your expected point will be learned,
  • After placement tests result your new classroom and classmates are detected,
  • Your personal custodian always direct you until exam date and after process,
  • Your budget and course prices most probably close each other,
  • Sufficient sources and last exam process are known and all actions are taken properly.

Sat exams are held in Turkey’s main city centers. İzmir, Bursa, Ankara, İstanbul, Erzurum and Mersin are the exam centers for Turkey. For Ankara, Sat is held in TED Ankara College and Bilkent Laboratory. Several times in a year for exam is possible. So you can apply to all ones.

If you have to start your new abroad school, you should take into account to start Sat Ankara course immediately.    

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