As Bilissel Akademi, we offer TOEFL courses in Ankara for international students who want to study in Turkey or people who need TOEFL scores for job applications. TOEFL is an international test that measures the English proficiency of non-native speakers of English. The test is held in 4500 authorized examination centers in 165 countries. The test score is recognized by over 8000 institutions and organizations in 130 countries. Turkey is one of these countries in which most of the public and private institutions require the TOEFL score for job applications. If you need to take this test, then we can assist you in getting prepared to receive high scores.

TOEFL courses

Why You May Need TOEFL?

As we mentioned before TOEFL is recognized by almost all countries in the world. Some people need this score to study in undergraduate, graduate and doctorate programs abroad since it is a score required by the universities during the application process. In addition to this, these scores can also be used to be exempt from the preparatory classes in universities. Moreover, some institutions and organizations require these scores to measure the English proficiency of the employees. They also require this score to grant language allowance to workers.

How Can You Get Prepared for TOEFL?

Just like most of the other internationally recognized tests, TOEFL also requires special preparation. The test consists of four stages and as Bilissel Akademi, we can assist our students to receive higher scores with our experienced lecturers. We have been offering TOEFL courses to people who reside in Ankara for many years. Thanks to our experienced staff and lecturers, you will not have to worry about your English proficiency any more! If you are planning to enroll in a TOEFL course to get prepared for this test, you can always contact us and get more information.

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